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tidy & structured

disorder arises over time.
it does not matter if it is due to a lack of time, priorities or skills. once it starts to bother you, it is nice to get things arranged. with a fresh start and gained insights it will be easier to keep up. it may concern: belongingsadministration or time.

back on track

or a sudden event is asking for your time and attention.
intentionally or unintentionally, you may find yourself under circumstances you would not mind to get some help with. afterwards you will be perfectly able to cope yourself, as always. it may concern: move, refurbishment, burn-out, high sensitivity/ad(h)d, divorce, decease, list for surviving relatives or unforeseen.


  • belongings
    are your belongings everywhere? aren’t you able to find things when you need them? are you buying new things to find out later you already had them? then it is nice to make a clean sweep. together we will do this in a structured manner, so that you will not drift away and you will keep up the spirit. from drawer to closet, room to house, garage to attic, you determine how much you want to tackle. there will be a system in the arrangement of your belongings, you will have overview and additional living space.
  • administration
    are there piles on your desk, but you don’t know what they consist of? aren’t you able to find papers when you need them? are you ever late paying a bill or using a gift voucher? in that case I will be happy to help you to get your administration organized, paper as well as digital. no more being late and all your current affairs within reach. the result will be control and peace of mind with no more unnecessary financial losses.
  • time
    do you have the feeling that you are being lived, always lagging behind events? that not you, but others determine your agenda? then it is time for a change. we look at allocation of tasks, activities, priorities and efficiency. people around you will be involved. the goal is to create moments to get energized again and to make time for things that really matter. the result: control, contentment and peace of mind.

back up


  • move
    – rental/sales: tidy up and style, so that your home will look at its best
    – preparation: tidy up, give away/dispose of, categorize, moving company
    – arrival: everything in the right place, handyman
    seniors: tidy up and help with the transition to a smaller home
  • refurbishment
    – create an office/guest room/nursery
    create space for an au pair or parent(s) that live in
  • burn-out
    bring back tranquillity to prevent from a burn-out or contribute to recovery. together we will go through potential causes and will tackle those at your pace: belongings/administration/time/tasks/work. in consultation with the people around you.
  • high sensitivity/ad(h)d
    establish tranquillity by implementing structure and decreasing impulses:
    – visual: tidy up, decoration
    – time: more time to relax
    – tasks: own expectations and those of others
  • divorce
    a divorce is a painful event, certainly when children are involved. to take away some of your practical worries I can help you to organize the distribution of movables, the move and to create a new home.
  • decease
    – a decease is sad enough, you do not want to have practical worries on top of that. with close relatives I go through things that must be done in resp. the first week, month and year. tasks will be allocated. the task list gives peace of mind and makes sure everything is covered. one can concentrate on paying respect to the deceased and grieving in peace.
    – when the partner deceases I help the surviving relative to find a place for the deceased’s belongings and to tidy up. because of the emotions this is a rather difficult and intense process that I handle with great care. in the case of the last deceased I help to empty the home and to tidy up/divide/store belongings.
  • list for surviving relatives
    while alive. as soon as there is a partner or child it is wise to lay out information in detail. survivors will not have to search and guess. together we will go through everything, from administration to work, from home to your wishes related to the decease. the information will stay with you, you will only inform one or two confidents where it can be found. it will give peace of mind for you and your close ones.
  • unforeseen
    there can be all kind of things that get you or your family out of balance. if I am able to support you then do not hesitate to contact me. the purpose of my company is to give you room to breathe again. we will discuss the possibilities!

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