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every season has its own unique character. this page will give you dates to mark in your calendar and inspiration for everything that is part of summer, autumn, winter and spring.

spring 2017 : mar-apr-may
summer 2017 : jun-jul-aug
autumn 2017 : sep-oct-nov
winter 2017-18 : dec-jan-feb

spring 2017

  • to remind
    − clock forward: the night of mar-25 to 26
    − tax return: before apr-1, link make declaration
    − may holiday: apr 22-30 incl. (total netherlands), the school may extend with one week
  • holidays
    − easter: apr-16 and 17, inspiration at season|easter
    − king’s day: thu apr-27
    − liberation day: fri may-5
    − mother’s day: may-14, inspiration for gifts at gift|women
    − ascension day: may-25, ideas for a day trip at dagjeweg and kidsproof
  • to do
    − sow flowers and vegetable garden zaaikalender (dutch file), grass scarifying
    − remove winter tires
    − take advantage of spring fever: tidy up, clean garden furniture & outdoor toys
    − organize spring drink: drinks (white wine/rose/fresh juices/wheat beer), spring food
    xx(tapas/salads/quiches), inspiration at food & beverage, have everyone to contribute
    xx(american way), organize outdoor children’s games, ideas at party|children

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summer 2017

  • to remind
    − summer holiday: jul-8 to aug-20 incl. (centre), jul-15 to aug-27 incl. (south), jul-22 to sep-3
    xxincl. (north)
    − black saturday: heavy traffic calendar abroad
  • holidays
    − pentecost: jun-4 and 5, ideas for day trips dagjeweg and kidsproof
    − father’s day: jun-18, inspiration for gifts at gift|men
    – sugar holiday: jun-25
  • to do
    − do nothing!
    − picknick
    − activities: things to do at home party|children, outdoor activities and excursions
    xx leisure|children, and
    − back to school: buy school supplies
    − planning: school, sports and other social activities, part-time days, childcare
    − buy firewood

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autumn 2017

  • to remind
    − autumn break: oct-14 to 22 incl. (south, centre), oct-21 to 29 incl. (north)
    − clock backwards: the night of oct-28 > 29
  • holidays
    − halloween: tue oct-31, link scoop out pumpkin, inspiration season|other
    − sint marten: sat nov-11, print-out sint maarten songs (dutch file)
  • to do
    − bulbs in the soil
    − chimney sweep
    − boiler maintenance
    − shut down water: how to shut down outside tap (dutch site)
    − make appointment to put on winter tires: anwb information winter tires (dutch site)
    − decide whether to change road service insurance and medical insurance
    − fill up anti-freeze screenwashers
    − buy gifts for the holidays: see for inspiration per age category the homeworktime
    xxfamily agenda (will appear sep-17) and at gift|men, gift|women and gift|children
    − have a look at the checklist christmas in the agenda

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winter 2017-18

  • to remind
    − arrival sinterklaas: overview sinterklaas arrivals
    – christmas holiday: dec-23 to jan-7 incl. (total netherlands), school holidays 2016-2017
    − spring holiday: feb-17 to feb-25 incl. (south), feb-24 to mar-4 incl. (center, north)
  • holidays
    − sinterklaas: tue dec-5, print out sinterklaasliedjes (sinterklaas songs, dutch file),
    xxlinks to write poems (dutch site) and rhyme dictionary (dutch site)
    – christmas: mon dec-25 and tue dec-26, inspiration at season|christmas
    − new year’s eve: sun dec-31
    − new year’s day: mon jan-1
    − epiphany: sat jan-6, print out driekoningenliedjes (epiphany songs, dutch file)
    − carnival: sun feb-11 to tue feb-13 incl., parades calendar, dress-up ideas at season|carnaval
    − valentine: wed feb-14
  • to do
    − ice skating: on natural ice, a christmas skating rink or one of the artificial skating rinks
    − buy christmas tree: type kerstbomen (type of christmas trees, dutch file)
    − organize winter bbq with campfire, hot wine, benches with plaids and plenty of lights

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