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  • books4life
    you may donate books here. they will sell them and donate the profit to a good cause such as amnesty international and oxfam novib. shops are located in amsterdam, utrecht, groningen, maastricht, eindhoven, nijmegen and tilburg.
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  • dorcas
    this foundation helps people that are in need and live in severe poverty. their projects extend to eastern-europ, afrika and asia. donated second textiles and goods are used to provide help abroad or are sold at their stores. here you will find their collection points.
  • dress for success
    this organization of volunteers helps people that are unemployed and have little financial means to dress representatively for a job interview. representative clothing can be handed in at one of their stores.
  • edukans
    each fall the action schoenmaatjes is organized. children may help underpriviliged peers worldwide by filling up a shoe box with school supplies, toiletries and toys. as of september you can find the collection points at their site. a voluntary contribution is asked for shipping (€ 6,- in 2014).
  • elk gooisch matras komt van pas
    this passionate volunteer organization collects for refugees that make a new start and for clients of the food bank. from clothes to furniture, from bicycles to computers. they are located in a former gym in bussum where also workplaces arise, for repair and creation. their tab ‘contact’ will reveal the address and opening hours.
  • emmaus
    this organization takes second hand items and sells them at markets or in one of their stores. the profit will go to the homeless and to poverty reduction in the netherlands and beyond. you may take your belongings to one of their establishments. many of them do also have a pick-up service.
  • goedzak
    ‘de goedzak’ by design studio waarmakers is still in the pilot phase (eindhoven and this autumn in amsterdam). second-hand items you put in this bag in the street may be taken by others. useful in large cities with many passersby.
  • h&m
    with the initiative long live fashion h&m collects -regardless the brand- clothing and household textiles in their shops. for a full shopping bag you will receive a reduction voucher of 15%. the textiles will be reused or recycled.
  • kringloopwinkels
    across the country there are recycling stores that take in second hand furniture and articles and sell them in their stores. profits will go to several (regional) good causes. most of the time recycling stores can come pick up the bigger items.
  • leger des heils
    you may donate clothing, shoes, curtains and soft stuffed animals by bringing them to the closest container or establishment of the salvation army. often there are door-to-door actions where plastic bags are handed out. collected textiles will be reused or recycled.
  • de meubelvermaker
    old furniture often has a beautiful story to tell. a pity to simply discard. ‘de meubelvermaker’ repairs, redecorates to current time and gets it ready to be used again.
  • packmee
    clothing, shoes, household textiles, glasses and hearing aids may be packed in a box, you print a label and hand over the box to the delivery man of post.nl whenever he comes to bring a parcel. as much as possible will be reused. profits will be for kika (child cancer) and the children stamps organization.
  • repair cafe
    instead of throwing away, many items can be reused after simple repairs. clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles and toys are repaired on the spot by volunteers with practical knowledge. admission is for free, a donation afterwards is appreciated. look here for the  locations where repair cafes are organized.
  • speelgoedbanken (toys storage centers)
    these centers are mostly individual organizations that collect toys and donate them to children of families that live under the poverty line. examples are those of amsterdam, amersfoort, haarlem and de meern.
  • stichting baby hope
    this foundation takes in unused (parts of) maternity packs for more hygienic deliveries in afrika, india, south-america and eastern europe in order to reduce the number of deaths. you may bring the items to one of the over 300 volunteers.
  • stichting babyspullen (foundation baby stuff))
    for families expecting a baby but having little financial means this organization collects baby necessities and clothes. at several locations they have collection containers such as at stores, city box establishments and with private individuals.
  • the next closet
    a site to buy and sell second hand designer clothing. sustainability is their main drive. they want to inspire and incent women to shop differently by reusing beautifil clothes and investing in quality.
  • velo vintage
    has it been for years that you have this old bicycle or did it remain from moveable furnishings? consider to have it upgraded to present time. velo vintage will turn it into an amazing designer bike with your personal nature to it.
  • zending over grenzen
    this organization likes to receive warm clothes, shoes, beds, matrasses, bed linnen, pieces of fabric, knitting wool, sewing machines, anything that may help underpriviliged people in eastern europe. there are several collection points at private homes.

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