professionele hulp bij thuis organiseren door een professional organizer

“Sophie is a woman with tremendous energy who exudes confidence. When we started to work I instantly knew it was going to be allright. I was stuck completely and could not bring myself to action anymore. The room we organized gave space, also in my head. I’ve got energy again and insights that help me to clear up other spots in my home. Enthusiastic and more than satisfied. ”
mrs van den berg, eemnes – organized small room and attic

“Being busy at work I did not get to tidying up. From the basement to the attic it was full of stuff. Sophie’s help led to overview, everything is now having its own spot and there is peace of mind. Our 16 years old son said: “My heart rate simply goes down”. 😉  If that is not a compliment… In short, the whole family is very happy that Sophie helped out for 4 entire days. It was more than worth the investment.”
family lenferink, huizen – organized hall, children’s rooms, attic, basement and garage

“There was chaos in our home and in our minds. With a husband and child with ADHD it can be challenging to get organized. Sophie provided us with the tools how to structure our home and how to maintain it. Our daughter is now doing her homework in her own room and she is enjoying it so much that she likes to keep it tidy! We have a home office and for years it is now cleaned up. How nice, thank you for this, a happy family!”
family van wingerden, baarn – organized office and children’s room

“It was great working with Sophie. For 5 years I had a container full of stuff that I just could or would not empty. It was a mountain I could not overlook. With the professional approach of Sophie we got to work dynamically. What a relief now that the job is done and the rent terminated.”
mrs. hogen esch, amsterdam – emptied storage container

“Sophie has been a great support moving from a big house to a small appartment. She provides structure and insight. With her neutral approach, with overview and decisiveness, she guided and helped me in a considerate way.”
mrs. elbrink, bennekom – from family home to senior apartment

“With the care for our multiple-handicapped daughter combined with two full-time jobs we have a complex family life. Apart from that, saying goodbye to belongings that are no longer used is not my biggest asset. Sophie’s strength is in the respectful approach of yourself, your home and your belongings. At every time she gives a choice and at the end of the day the enormous job is done. One does not expect that tidying up with professional help and decisiveness can give so much energy at the end of the day.”
family hendriks, utrecht – organized guest / lumberroom

“The day of the move it was nice that Sophie was there to help us with sorting out and arranging. Beforehand I wondered: will it be practical, because one wants to decide oneself where things end up, but afterwards I have not wanted to adjust anything. A small detail of bringing an apple pie was an original surprise. It was a luxury to have Sophie for a day, it gave me a more relaxed feeling, before as well as on the day itself. Sophie is a tremendous worker, creative and enlightening. A pleasant person to have around.”
family van logtestijn, driebergen – day of arrival removal

“In a very pleasant and professional way Sophie helped me to organize the chaos of a large closet. She made me decide myself for the potential throwing away of things and  gave me advice on how I could systematically store the rest and with that she rolled up her own sleeves.”
family van den berg, hilversum – organized storeroom

“Sophie helped us moving from a big family house where we lived for 35 years to a service apartment. All the belongings that were still fine have found, to our content, a second destination. Sophie anticipates and makes suggestions, a pleasant way of working, because one remains boss in own home. Moreover she is sociable to work with. Lovely to see the wood for the trees again.”
family van seggelen, tilburg – from family home to senior apartment

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